Topology Optimization

Topology Optimization Using ToPy

For a while now, I’ve been interested in how machine learning could be applied to designing and optimizing CAD solutions. Here’s a promotional video of Autodesk’s generative design tool which will give you an idea of the possibilities.

ToPy is an open source topology optimization toolkit written in Python that allows a developer/designer to quickly define a problem and optimize it to fit within constraints such as minimum compliance / maximum stiffness. In this case, I’ll be looking at a maximum stiffness problem with the goal of creating structures that use the least amount of material while still maintaining maximum stiffness.


Kratky Hydro – Round 2

Going to keep this one short and just archive some pictures. This tub contains 6 bok choy cubes and 3 lacinato kale cubes. Same nutrient solution mix but now the system is outdoors with around 1000 lumen (bright shade) of light. Also trying some hot peppers to see how they’ll do! Enjoy!