Hololens Development

Playing Around with the Hololens

Augmented and virtual reality are fun and fascinating areas of interest to play around with in regards to software. A lot of limitations that we have with our eyes goes away pretty quickly when you add in an augmented reality platform to the visual mix. From thinking of ways to see through the ground when dealing with horizontal directional drilling to seeing through buildings during combat scenarios, AR and VR will be changing and improving how we deal with tasks that heavily rely on vision and visual queues.

Visualizing the power train of a vehicle

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Hololens to play around with and see what kind of things I could quickly come up with. I thought it would be interesting to see how a virtual cockpit flight deck would look in an augmented reality setting and whether or not it would/could be a feasible solution in the future. However, I had to start somewhere!

Using Unity, I whipped together a quick mock up of a pretty bare flight deck with the goal of testing out voice and gesture recognition. Below is a quick video demonstrating some of the voice commands that were integrated as well as gesture control of the virtual throttle.

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