Senior Design

For my senior design, we were to develop an automated chess set that would be able to play against a human while looking like another, “invisible”, player was competing against them. We came up with a concept similar to the following video:

There were a few differences that we found when comparing the chess board in the video and our concept design. The first difference being that our board needs to be much quieter while moving chess pieces but still keeping a high speed when going across the board. Another idea we wanted to implement was having the ability to individually identify each piece. This way if, let’s say, your pet koala walks across the chess board and moves some chess pieces out of their place, the computer would be able to identify each piece and bring them back into their previous position. These are just a few of the new concepts we wanted to implement into our design.

For this project, I was part of the team who worked on achieving our goals for chess piece identification. Our concept consisted of creating wireless power transfer using induction to power the chess pieces, embedding a small microcontroller to blink an infrared LED at a designated frequency for identification, developing a circuit to power the transmitter circuit and the infrared receiving circuit, and designing a chess piece to hold these electronics.

Transmitter Circuit Schematic РCourtesy of gilbondfac

We recently succeeded in transferring a high enough amount of energy to be able to power a rectifier circuit, an ATtiny13 microcontroller, and our infrared LED. This is a major step forward since this was the crucial factor that could have greatly set us back in regards to chess piece identification. Below is a video of our first successful demonstration of our wireless power transmission circuit:

PCB Update

We received our first revision of the chess piece LED transmitters and have had great success with them so far!

Assembled System

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